SME & Start Up Expo in Phnom Penh

One of my favourite quote about ideas and changing the world is the late Mr Robin Williams himself. He said No Matter What People tell you, words and Ideas can change the world. Coming to my fourth month here in Phnom Penh I am amazed by the startup and business culture here and have met... Continue Reading →


How to Live like Crazy Rich Asians in Cambodia

Money( That's what I want) the opening theme song for Crazy Rich Asians by Cheryl K and Awkwafina, is super catchy and highly addictive that got humming to the tune all the time. Thanks to the girls amazing work , this OST and movie inspired me to write again. While you are working hard or... Continue Reading →

Esports Federation eyes continued growth

The Esports Federation of Cambodia has announced the 2018 Dew Gaming Championship in addition to a raft of initiatives it hoped would help to boost interest among the kingdoms fledgling electronic sporting community. Earlier in June, a press conference was presided over by Chea Chanboribo, of the Esports Federation, representatives of sponsors Mountain Dew, as... Continue Reading →

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