Factors behind Look & Health Transformation

If you have been following my daily post on Instagram and Facebook, you would have already knew that I am embarking on transformation journey . Ok let’s make it simple- weight loss journey.

Honestly, this would be my second attempt in shedding the extra kilo-s this year. Sadly,it wasn’t that successful because I wasn’t gungho enough and can’t resist the temptations .

Why did I embarked on this journey again? Firstly, for health purpose. Never had I knew that my visceral fat had peaked up to dangerous level if the binge eating doesn’t stop by now. Secondly, it is indeed painful to be told by nasty aunties that You’re Fat.


Upon rekindling with a long lost friend , I was introduced to his buddy Alex Mah who is the health and look transformation business. Although both boys are one of a kind milenials who posses good attitude particularly sincerity and integrity.How? Never in my life I have seen Gen Y who were so serious in their own ventures to an extend they would willingly drove uphill and spend time to share, explain and follow up on my interest.And now that’s what I call Integrity in Business. You come directly to yr potential business partner.

I truly appreciate yr efforts boys and I think you deserved all the success u created from this.

Today is my 11th day of transformation and currently in my second day of Detox, I am feeling really good and I shed 2kgs within the first 7 days of strict clean eating.

Now here are some factors behind the of Look And Health Transformation

1. Self discipline

The key for any form of success is discpline and persistent. The result of success or failure of a plan is a reflection of your own actions that you are responsible for it. The person you become tomorrow is the actions u take today. So grab your paddles and row your own boat guys! I know how much I wanted this weight loss journey a success therefore I took my paddles row my own boat nmwith determination.

With strong will and discipline, here I am 2kg drop in a week.Not too bad for a start right?

My One post per day on social media Melilea Organic Power breakfast for the 11 days continously

2. Clean Eating Habits

You are what You Eat. I don’t quite believe this saying till I practice clean eating lately. Clean eating does not mean that you gotta clear everything that is on your plate..Nah ah, dont get me wrong here.I am not encouraging food wastage by asking you to throw away food. All I ask you is to only take what you should and beneficial to your body. Eat more fruits and vegetables. While I seems to sound like I am robbing your joy of indulging good food, well you can eat but remember to burn the extra calories you consumed. Actually clean eating can be fun stress free and delicious too.

One of the clean meals I had last week-Caesar Salad and Orange Juice

I used to think that I am so busy with events that I gotta eat at each function I go for. Well, it’s plain crap. Even if I have to , I can always go for only fruits salad and sugarless drinks. Again, you take charge of your own body and make the choice of your food intake

Should you feel hungry, nibble on nuts or have a slice of fresh fruits. Well, I don’t fulfill my tummy’s craving usually. You shouldn’t too. To add on, the lesser you eat the less you become hungry. Dont believe me go try and see it for yourself.

3. Support & Self and Peers Motivation

Study said that 90% of motivation comes from ourselves and the other 10% is from your peers. Very true indeed ! The person that will create the success is Me Myself and I

Of course , with the support from my boss the results would be even better.

Thanks to modern technology, we created a chat group to keep track of each other’s daily meal intake. Posting of each other drinking power every morning serves the purpose of reminding each other Hey it’s time for a Healthy Brekkie yo! Don’t eat trash. I am glad that we have been very supportive towards each other . Thanks boys 😉

4. Regular Exercise

Most of us forgotten that some of the best things in this world are Free and exercise is proven to be the best anti depressant that relaxes your mind body and soul. Exercise also accelerates weight loss because through sweating we burn calories and detoxes too. No time for exercise? Honestly 24 hours for a human being is Never Enough but we make time for everything. It only takes 20 minutes for a quick burn. If you can spend 2 hours watching TV why not turn the 2hours and shorten it to a 20 mins workout. Remember it only takes us 20mins for a quick burn:😀

A journey of a 90days weight loss challenge begins with baby steps before preaching it’s goals and it shall be a stress free journey.

In case you are wondering what do I eat Breakfast and Dinner lately. I am on my power shake twice a day made up of

2 scoops of Melilea Soya Powder

2 scoops of Melilea of Apple Orchard

1 scoop of Botanical Organic Powder

External beauty regime for better skin-The Melilea Botanical Skin Care Series
Must do Mask with Skin Transformer

For more information on Melilea, marvel into the Facebook Page and official wesbite.

Thanks for dropping by and read this. I thank you for your love support always.

This is..


Content Editor

Avec Irene@Irenect2


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason Wong says:

    Feel touched that u r part of our transformation journey! I believe we can do it together and we can make it success! We can keep on transform to be better in our life! YOLO Irene!

  2. Alex Mah says:

    Wow!Thanks For Sharing Irene !
    I believe you can do it !

  3. Deddy Huang says:

    Woow.. I like yr cut hair. Looks fresh and chic.

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