Selera Desa Kembara Iftar ‘ A Ramadhan Gastronomic Adventure’ at Ancasa Hotel, & Spa Kuala Lumpur

What unites people around the world ok let’s not go too far, people of Malaysia? It’s FOOD !

It is the time that the Ramadhan Food Marathon begins before the holy month commences for our muslim friends. In less than a month ( count them!) the muslim friends will be celebrating the holy month of Ramdhan. It is always the time where one reminisces the good village ‘ kampong’ delights and mum’s home good cooking when breaking fast during the month.

As people of today flees to the city in search for a living, eating of kampong delights in one’s hometown seems almost impossible but fret not because the Ancasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur sets to bring you to a gastronomic adventure at all corners of Kuala Lumpur under one roof with the concept of ‘ Selera Desa Kembara Iftar di Kuala Lumpur’. In short, you can now enjoy the best of kampong delights even in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur.

Of the delights offered at the hotel are Portuguese Style Grilled Fish ( Ikan Bakar Stail Masakan Portugis), Nasi Tumpang Jawa Timur, Rendang Itik, Siput Sedut Batang Keladi, Sup Rusa, Kambing Golek, Ayam Golek, Rojak Mamak, Asam Laksa, Roti Canai Pandan and also Ramadhan and Raya must eats like Ketupat, Lemang and durian produced items such as Serawa, Wajik, Puding just to name a few.

Nasi Tumpeng Jawa Timur.JPG
It is a Cake ! Signature dish- Nasi Tumpang Jawa Timur 

With Great Minds and Talents come Great Masterpieces

These beautiful and mouth watering dishes are crafted by the great combination of chefs specializing in Malay Cooking Cuisine namely Chef Yohanis, Chef Mariam, Chef Syukri, Chef Alias and their team of masterchefs.


The Brains and talents behind the Food Galore . Another must eat at Ancasa- The Kambing Golek 

Food Down Memory Lane 

Aligning back to the concept of kampong delights, the Ancasa Hotel & Spa merges the concept of Kembara Iftar ( Iftar Gastronomic Adventure) to reminisces the good old days of food at popular spots that are still remembered till present such as Jalan Medan Pasar Lama, Foch Avenue Jalan Pudu, Jalan Pantai Dalam, Jalan Dato Keramat, Kampung Attap, Jalan Gurney, Warong Jalan Peel, Jalan Bellamy dan Batu Road.


Budu, Sambal, Ulam at Medan Pasar Lama. Picture courtesy of Khir Khalid
Lok Lok at Jalan Peel 


Fresh Clams, Mussels, Lala for the Seafood Lovers  

There are more than 100 varieties of food served on a daily rotation basis ranging from appetizer, soup, ,main course, drinks and desserts.

Dessert Ancasa
Kuih-s for dessert 

For durian lovers, the Ancasa Hotel offers a range of durian desserts such as Serawa Durian, Bubur Durian, Wajik Durian, Dodol Lempok, Kek Durian, Cucur Durian, Talam Durian, Mousse Durian and Durian Pudding.

Fruits for Digestion 

House Sweet Home: Traditional Wooden Kampung Sugar House by Chef Hasskuri 

Also in conjunction with the launching of the Ramadhan Buffet 2017, the Ancasa Hotel & Spa KL have something more interesting to offer. Can you imagine a house created entirely out of full edible, eatable elements? You can now have the best of ‘eat’ and ‘ see’ with the selfie wefie friendly Kampung Sugar House during the Ramadhan month at Ancasa KL.

Weighing at 60kg, the Rumah Kampung’ is fully made of full edible sugar. Crafted by the hotel’s very own in-house pastry chef, the Rumah Kampung is set to display the chef’s masterpiece of serving traditional delicacies around the display.

Sugar House
The Edible Sugar Kampung House 

Made of Gelatine, Glucose Syrup, Icing Sugar, Egg Whites , Corn Flour & Water, this edible mega structure took 3 weeks to complete where each and every part of the house were carefully created and assembled by using sugar pieces and gum paste fondant icing.

The Selera Desa Kembara Iftar by the Ancasa Hotel & Spa offers early birds at the price of RM58 nett per person till 15 May 2017 and prices at RM68 nett / per pax ( adult)  and RM40 nett ( for children) after the early birds discount ends

For further details, call up to the Saffron Brasserie at 03-2026 6060 extension. 7703.

About AnCasa Hotel & Spa Kuala Lumpur 

The AnCasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur is part of the hotel chains under the AnCasa Hotels & Resorts owned by  UDA Holdings Berhad. For best available rates, logon to their website at

On a final note, the writer would like to thank Ms Ros and Ms Uma for entrusting herself to post the write up of their available packages on this blog page.  Here’s to wishing the Ancasa team ever success. Remember we are all PRs and we are #UnitedbyPR. Cheers, girls !


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