Journey to a Thousand Smiles : SAT ( Smile Action Team)14.0 Laos


Updated Post on 06 March 2018

Avec Irene @ IreneCt2

Nong, song, sam, sii, haa, hok, ched, bpaed, gao, sip and the counting goes on to 15 ( sip ha) in Lao language. 15 (sip ha)uttered repeatedly during Oral Hygiene Instruction still ringing in my head despite almost 5 months ago after my outreach services in Laos in March this year.

Childhood Dream, Comeback Call

Ever since I had my maiden dental check up at school since I was a kid, I aspired to become a dentist. Sadly, I was never a science stream student due to below expectation results in Math. Fortunately , I had the privilege to be recruited by passionate people in making a difference in oral health care namely Dato’Dr Wong & Datin Wong also known as Jean Wong when I first graduated with endless opportunities to put that SMILE 🙂 on one’s face through proper education and awareness in oral care.

It caught me by…

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