Socials Coffee Celebrates One Year Anniversary & Third branch Grand Launch

Socials Coffee announced the launch of its third outlet at PPCBank Head Office along the Norodom Boulevard at a grand opening ceremony on Sunday, 19 May.

Socials Coffee third branch at PPCBank HQ along Norodom Boulevard

Socials Coffee started as a pilot project in collaboration with PPCBank to provide employment opportunities and to promote inclusiveness within work spaces for people with physical disabilities, focusing on deaf people. Since its inception last year, Socials Coffee now has three branches, with the third one beginning operations from now onwards serving customers from 8am until 8pm, daily.

The wonderful deaf person barista team. Pic credit to Socials Coffee

Socials Coffee was founded by former banker, Mr Swapnil Deshmukh. Swapnil brought in the idea of Socials during a trip to Hoi An, Vietnam in 2018. His family walked into a cafe full with people yet very quiet, he then realized that it was a silent cafe managed by the deaf person team and there was no wifi, music at the cafe. Even the guests were encouraged to also keep quiet or speak softly.

Banker turned Social entrepreneur- Founder of Socials Coffee Swapnil Deshmukh

At present, Socials Coffee is the first cafe in town to appoint a deaf person as a team leader, in charge of the entire operations of a branch. Socials Coffee has now the honor of being ranked among Top 3 Coffee Shops in Phnom Penh on world’s largest travel website “”.

“We are blessed to receive so much support and love from our customers. Customers frequently visit Socials Coffee, because they love our drinks and our service. As a result of their love for Socials Coffee, customers are able to support Cambodia’s deaf community,” said Socials Coffee founder, Mr. Swapnil Deshmukh.

“We have been successful in our first phase in setting up a much-loved coffee brand that is run by deaf and speaking staff together. We will now embark on our second phase of the journey to partner with other cafes to help them train deaf staff and also to run cafes managed by deaf staff,” he added.

Deaf person barista team preparing coffee for attendees

PPCBank has been a major supporter of Socials Coffee by providing space for the cafe to operate. It has also played an important role in leading to the expansion of Socials Coffee to its third location.

“We are delighted to see Socials grow by leaps and bounds – a concept that we welcomed into our branches, has been proven beneficial for every party involved: to the founder with the big heart, to the deaf community in Cambodia that now have employment opportunity, to all Socials’ customers who discovered this gem, and, of course, to all of PPCBank customers, who enjoy delicious drinks while banking with us. It’s flattering for us to know that we helped to get this project off the ground. We are inspired by Socials’ desire to make Cambodian society more inclusive; once Swapnil asked for wheelchair access, we happily revamped stairs to our headquarter facility to accommodate the request. We will continue to support Socials by further providing space in our branches, by running collaborative promotions and providing them catering opportunities with us. I hope other corporate businesses will follow suit.,” said Mr Andrew Shin, President of PPCBank.

Mr Andrew Shin, President of PPCBank
Ms Chheng Chinneth from Ministry of Women’s Affairs applaud the good initiatives taken by both Socials and PPCBank

The event was made more fun and meaningful by a special performance by the beautiful children from Light of Mercy where they serenaded the crowd with a sign language dance and song. Click on the video to watch.

Socials Coffee outlets have their special drinks listed in Braille script. This allows visually challenged customers to know the special drinks on the menu. Socials Coffee is also committed to an eco-friendly business model, and therefore, drinks are served with metal straws for dine-in customers and bio-degradable straws for take-away drinks.

Take-away drinks with bio-degrable straws

Keeping in tune with its delectable selection of beverages and drinks, Socials Coffee serves Avocado Espresso, Egg Coffee, Coconut Latte, and has expanded its menu with a focus on health to include juices focusing on detox, belly fat burn and skin care.

Melon Frappe. Pic credit to Socials Coffee


Signature Egg Coffee. Pic credit to Socials Coffee

Socials Coffee is keen to expand its operations in neighbouring countries such as Vietnam and Laos in the second-half of 2019. Now, that’s exciting times ahead !

Congratulations to Socials Coffee on their 1st year anniversary and third branch opening at PPCBank HQ along Norodom Boulevard. Thanks for having me at the event too.

With the founder of Socials- Swapnil Deskmukh

If you’re a PPCBank card holder, remember to flash it to the lovely staffs at Socials and enjoy 50% off for drinks while you run your bank errands on PPCBank.

For more information, follow Socials Coffee on

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