EXPO 2019 breaks $30 million record in property sales

More than 10,000 of property buyers, investors, real estate agents, developers and more flocked to NagaWorld over the weekend where the country’s biggest property show, EXPO 2019, was held at NagaWorld Integrated Resort recently. EXPO 2019 is a series of real estate exhibitions organised by the country’s leading property search platform, The show was once again the country’s top real estate event of the year, according to Tom O’Sullivan, CEO of

“This is another milestone moment for our company and the team at Our latest event, the Expo 2019 was our most successful property sales event yet, we are still totalling final numbers but we have certainly doubled attendees compared to last year and broke the record of $30 million in property sales. Our primary data shows we appear to be well over $40 million in property sales so far” Mr. O’Sullivan said.

The event brought together various real estate and legal experts sharing on real estate-related topics and the industry’s current trends namely Cambodian real estate mogul Okhna Sear Rithy, Chairman of Worldbridge Group who gave the opening remarks, Oknha Cheng Kheng, Chairman and CEO of CPL Cambodia, Ms. Catherine Chan, Executive Director of Urban Village and Mr. Li Min, CEO of Prince Real Estate Group.

Cambodian real estate mogul Okhna Sear Rithy, Chairman of Worldbridge Group who delivering the opening remarks at the expo.

The claim was also echoed by Mr. Marc Townsend, Chairman of CBRE Cambodia and one of the guest speakers at the seminar. He said the event was “well-attended, well-organised and CBRE Cambodia will be back next year.”

Catherine Chan, Executive Director of Urban Village of Urban Village said that the expo helped raise branding awareness for her Urban Village project and the company will participate again in the future. The Urban Village project is another well performing where the company sold 10 units on spot and closed 100 more deals in the past week which worth $10 million in total, Ms. Chatherine said.

Of the outstanding exhibitors this year were Prince Huan Yu Real Estate (Cambodia) Group, which successfully closed more than 70 deals worth more than a whopping $15 million, said the company’s planning manager, Mr. Li Yan Jin.

Prince Huan Yu Real Estate in total sold 48 units of office space of Prince Huan Yu Center in Phnom Penh and 24 condo units of Prince Golden Bay in Sihanoukville. On top of that, the company received 168 leads, 68 of which were Cambodians, Mr. Yan Jin added.

Another top-performing exhibitor was Morgan Group, which sold 50 condo units of its riverfront condominium Morgan EnMaison. According to the group’s planning manager, Mr. Yao Chao, 17 of the 50 units were purchased by Cambodians, and the total closed deals were worth about $7.5 million.

Toul Kork Lane had also closed two deals amounting to nearly $130,000.


The Expo 2019 was participated by the companies as follows :

Aru-Me Metal, Prince Real Estate Group, Prince Huan Yu, Prince Jin Jia, Victory Bay, La Vista One, Urban Village, Bel Air, Creed (Zelkova), Aristo Developers, SH Condo, M Residence, Chief Bank, North Park Condominium, The Penthouse, Beyond Design, HLG (Harvey Cambodia Co., Ltd.), Pafillia Property Developers, Leptos Estate, MAA Architecture & Design, Oxley Emerald, Orkide Villa, Le Bassac, E-Power, Yi Fung Real Estate, Huateng (Cambodia) Investment Co. Ltd., New Landmark, Unicom Scienceplastic, C-Herald Property Service, Huaye, HYO, Morgan, R&F, KH Land, International Top Agent (ITA), Toul Kork Lane, Baoli Mansion, The Bund, CBRE, WanHao, Wealth Mansion, FDD Real Estate, Century 21 Cambodia, and Zenearth. 

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